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The most challenging part in the Zero Fees Challenge is how consistent you watch the the market. It has nothing to do with time but everything to do with discipline. See how our students are responding to the challenge. How they completed the DREAM!

What is the Zero Fee Challenge?

As the name suggests, with Zero Fees Challenge, you could possibly learn the Stock Market Mentorship program for Zero cost. Not to get confused, the programme has a fees. (Arguably the most affordable Stock market mentorship program in Kerala with the best course syllabus and expert mentors).

Through this challenge, Finquest will help you regain the Fee amount you've invested in learning, from the Stock Market itself. It's cent percent guaranteed, for we have the best Community which will actively helps you understand the Market inside out. There will also be Live Trading sessions from experts so you'll right away know which stock to watch out.

Let's accept the challenge, shall we?

What Do I Get

Official and Verified

Receive an Mentor signed certificate with the Finquest’s logo to verify your achievements and increase your reputation in Stock Market Analysis.

Shareable & Valid

Add the certificate to your CV or your resume or post it directly on LinkedIn. You can even post it on Instagram Digital Collectible, LinkedIn & Twitter

Enhances Credibility

NFT based Certificate deployed on Polygon Blockchain. Use your certificate to enhance your professional credibility and stand out among your peers!

Starter Subscription

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1 month


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What is the zero-fee Challenge?

How to participate in the zero-fee challenge?

Is there any charge to participate in the zero-fee challenge?

I have completed the zero-fee challenge. How do I download the certificate?

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